Sales and Support Documents and Downloads

Welcome to the Service and Sales Support Documentation page.

This page is designed to give you easy access to support materials for Hill products at your convenience. Further resources will be added on a regular basis.

Service Documents

Actuator Service
INS17-Replace Actuator Brake (document)

Video - Replacing the Actuator Brake

INS20A - Replace Actuator (before 2/04)

INS24 - Replace Actuator Wormgear

Trendelenburg Actuator Location

Adjustables - General
INS61 - Replace the B1 Bushing

Video - Cervical Drop Pin - Reengaging the pin

Air Flex
Video - Distraction Realignment

Video - How to replace rotation pivot casting

INS104A - Replace Rotation Lock (before 12/03)

Pelvic Drop Not Staying Up

INS104B - Adjusting old rotation locks

Rotation Lock Warning

INS123 - Converting AF to Short Height

INS126 - Replace Check Valve on Air-Flex

INS5 - Replace Valve Bank Coil

Modify Cushion for new drop rods

Drop-Pin assembly for Thor/Lumb drops

Lateral Lock adjustment

Replace Linear Bearing in drop mechanism

Installing Pelvic Rotation Lockout Device

Rebuilding the Air Cylinder

INS77 - Changing headpiece release cable

Air 90C
Compressor Coil Replacement

How to reroute wires for Compressor Coil

Rebuilding the Air Cylinder

Anatomotor Accessories Sheet

Cervical Device Instructions

Traction Unit Calibration Instructions

Location and installation of the paper guide

Replacing the headpiece spring plunger

Replacing tilt head with dual drop headpiece

INS77 - Changing headpiece release cable

INS116 - Replacing Actuator in HiLo Table

Mat Table
Removing & reattaching a Mat Table cushion

Retro Fits
Replacing Flex head with CBP headpiece

Dual-drop headpiece assemblies

Wound Care Chair - adding luxo lamp holders

Table Base
Adding Bolt-On width extensions

Adding Rocker to Extended Height Table

Replacing the height actuator in a base

Replacing the rocker foot pedal switch

Installing a flat cover panel with luxo holes