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Hill Air-Drop HA90C Chiropractic Table

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Hill HA90C Chiropractic TableIf you have used a manual drop table for any length of time, then you’ll appreciate the impressive speed and ease of treating with the Air-Drop HA90C. Equipped with the Hill Air-Drop System, the HA90C allows doctors to select one or up to four drops simultaneously from the convenient, side-mounted, control panel. Once a section has been dropped, it is instantly reset with the simple touch of a foot pedal.

All of the pneumatic components on the Air-Drop HA90C are supplied by a large air-storage tank and mini-compressor which are neatly enclosed within the table’s base skirting. The compressor runs quietly and only periodically (approximately 1 minute) to replenish the air-tank.

The table features a Thoracic Air-Breakaway Section controlled by a foot pedal. The pedal increases or decreases the air-spring pressure in the thoracic and lumbar sections providing a controlled recoil action. It can also be locked in any position down to 51/2” for treating patients with a large abdominal region.

The drops included on the Air-Drop HA90C are Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, and Pelvic. The Cervical Drop has dual action enabling either straight or forward-drop action. All drops are controlled by the included foot-strips located on both sides of the table.

Like all Hill Adjustables, the Air-Drop HA90C has electric adjustable-height. Height is adjusted with a rocker foot pedal that is mounted to the base and can be accessed from either side of the table. An operating range from 23 1/2” to 33” or 21 1/2" to 31" allows the doctor to work at a comfortable treatment level.

Base Air-Drop HA90C Standard Features

  • Height controlled by Rocker Foot Pedal
  • Height Range from 21 1/2" to 31"
    (Higher starting heights also available)
  • Width 24", Length 6'3"
  • Armrests, 13" Face cut-out, Paper Roll, Cutter
  • Tilting Headpiece, 30° Positive and Negative Tilt
  • Air-Powered Thoracic Spring Breakaway
  • Air Cervical Dual Drop Headpiece
    (Straight Down and Forward Motion)
  • Air Thoracic Drop
  • Air Lumbar Drop
  • Air Pelvic Drop
  • Power Foot-Strips (activate drops)
  • Drop-Away Foot Section
  • Choice of 20 vinyl colors for the top
  • Beige, Grey or Black base with acrylic thermo-plastic cover
  • One-year warranty on all parts (Dealer on-site labor warranty may vary)

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Head Section

  • AD301 Raised Headpiece


    Headpiece raises up to 5 inches above the surface of the table.
    Raised Headpiece

  • AD302 CBP Headpiece (requires #AD301)


    Used for Chiropractic Bio Physics includes lateral and translation functions. Requires purchase of #AD301 Raised Headpiece. Not available with option F22.

  • F22 Flexion Headpiece (requires #AD301)


    A manual pnuematic flexion headpiece that can be combined with either a manual or air dual drop. Requires purchase of #AD301 Raised Headpiece. (includes lateral and gliding axial motion 84F). Not available with option AD302.

  • 84F Sliding Axial Motion (see short video)Recommended


    This option is highly recommended to improve patient comfort with the ability to unlock the headpiece to move in an axial motion.

Thoracic / Lumbar / Pelvic Section

  • AD303 Raised Pelvic Section


Foot Section

  • 87A Slide-Out & Raised Ankle


    Adjusts up to 8" in height and extends to 12" from the end of the table.
    (Substitute for the included drop-away foot option)
    Slide-Out Ankle Support

Arm Rests

  • 77 Adjustable Armrests


    Elevating armrests can be raised for supine shoulder support - often used for massage therapy.
    Adjustable Armrests

Foot and Hand Controls

  • AD305 Extra Control Box


    Additional control box mounted on the other side of the table.

  • 92 Extra Foot Pedal with 4'6" cord


    Additional foot pedal added to the foot end of the table.

  • 92B Auto-Touch Foot Pedal


    A pedal that will raise the table to the maximum height AND lower the table to the minimum height when tapped once. Auto-Touch foot pedals still retain the standard adjustable height function by pressing the pedal again to stop the height.

  • 92D Toggle Height Switch


    A hand switch that is custom mounted anywhere on the table.

  • 93 Caster System for mobility


    Makes moving the table easy. Engaged with a foot lever on both ends of the table. Not an option with adjustable feet.

  • 220 Volt International Power Supply


    This adds a 220 volt power supply to the electrical system for international use outside the United States.

Width, Height and Upholstery

  • AD304 27" width


    27 inch wide cushions (standard is 24 inches).

  • 80 Removable width extensions


    3" x 21". Adds 6" to the width of the table. Used for massage therapy; often combined with adjustable armrests.
    Removable Width Extensions

  • 140 Finesse Tricot Material Recommended


    Foam-backed, puncture-resistant with the look and feel of fine leather. Please see color chart for details.

  • 136 Hill Upholstery Cleaner / 4 Pack-22oz Bottles. Click to buy online


    Hill Laboratories Leather and Vinyl Cleaner conditions and cleans, keeping your table looking like new. 4 - 22oz spray bottles/case.

  • 137 Disinfectant Spray / 4 Pack-12oz Bottles. Click to buy online


    Protex One-Step Disinfectant Spray is a powerful and safe disinfectant effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens, including MRSA, HIV, Staph, and H1N1 Swine Flu Virus

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    Exam StoolHill Exam Stools can be upholstered in a variety of colors to match your Hill Treatment table and office decor. Our stools features a professional standard design and pneumatic (gas-powered) adjustable height controlled by a lever.
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Hill HA90C Air Drop Chiropractic Table

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