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Hill Anatomotor Roller Massage Table
with optional Lumbar Traction, Cervical Traction and Variable Speed

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Anatomotor Traction Massage Demonstration VideoThe Anatomotor has been a trusted leader among traction-massage treatment tables for nearly 60 years. Amazingly versatile, the Anatomotor is designed for soft-tissue massage, intermittent and constant traction, heat and vibration.

The Anatomotor has a moving top on which the patient glides back and forth just under the normal respiration rate. Two sets of adjustable-height massage rollers straddle the spine and rhythmically loosen taut muscles. This deep-kneading massage effectively prepares the patient for traction which actually separates the spinal vertebrae.

With the Hill Traction Control Unit, traction is created as the gliding top pulls against the controlled resistance of the traction unit. Traction force is regulated between 0 and 200 pounds and can be applied in several different forms from cervical (with the Hill Cervical Device / no pressure on the chin) to full lumbar-sacral traction using the traction harnesses. Therapists may treat with constant or intermittent traction.

The Anatomotor is also ideal for applying passive range of motion to arms, shoulders and legs. Available with optional heat, vibration and unique leg rollers which massage the calves and thighs to relax muscles and increase circulation.

Base Anatomotor Standard Features

  • Semi-pneumatic back rollers
  • Leg rollers and rubber foot pad
  • Timer, filler block (insert), top pad and two-section pillow
  • Fixed Height from 22" to 32" / Width 21"
  • Choice of 20 vinyl colors
  • One-year warranty on all parts (Dealer on-site labor warranty may vary)

Complete Traction Package - $5160

The legendary traction methods used with the Anatomotor is a time-tested treatment for lumbar, cervical and bucks traction, safely and effortlessly to your patients. Updated throughout the years, the Complete Traction Package for the Hill Anatomotor is the #1 choice among professional Doctors and Therapists since 1945.
  • 200A Traction accessories
  • 200-1 Pre-drilled base for traction
  • 124 Traction stool
  • 134 Cervical traction device
  • 201 Heat
  • 202 Vibration
  • 205 24" Width
  • 206 Variable Speed

Options (click each for details)Recommended Options

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Traction Package

  • Complete Traction Package


    200A Traction accessories, 200-1 Pre-drilled base for traction, 124 Traction stool, 134 Cervical traction device, 201 Heat, 202 Vibration, 205 24" Width, 206 Variable Speed

Individual Traction Options

  • 200-1 Pre-drilled base for traction Recommended

  • 200A Traction Accessories (requires #200-1)


    Traction control and counter traction units, all brackets, cervical traction device, thoracic, iliac, and leg harnesses. See photo gallery for images.

  • 124 Traction Flexion Stool

  • 134 Cervical Traction Device (requires #200-1 & #200A)


    Total occipital pull that is both comfortable and safe for the patient.
    Cervical Traction Device with Total Occipital Pull

-->Download the Replacement Accessory Parts List Here

Factory Intstalled Options

  • 201 Heat Recommended

  • 202 Vibration Recommended

  • 203 Electric Tilt-Top with foot pedal control

  • 204 3" Thick Foam Top

  • 205 24" Wide Table Top

  • 206 Variable Speed


    Traction pull and rest cycle time can be regulated from 4.5 seconds to 15 seconds. Requires purchase of #205.

  • 207 Caster System


    Caster wheels are engaged by pressing a pedal. Not an option with adjustable feet.

  • 220 Volt International Power Supply


    This adds a 220 volt power supply to the electrical system for international use outside of the United States.

Upholstery Care

  • 136 Hill Upholstery Cleaner / 4 Pack-22oz Bottles. Click to buy online


    Hill Laboratories Leather and Vinyl Cleaner conditions and cleans, keeping your table looking like new. 4 - 22oz spray bottles/case.

  • 137 Disinfectant Spray / 4 Pack-12oz Bottles. Click to buy online


    Protex One-Step Disinfectant Spray is a powerful and safe disinfectant effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens, including MRSA, HIV, Staph, and H1N1 Swine Flu Virus

Matching Exam Stools

  • 150 Gas-powered Stool


    Exam StoolHill Exam Stools can be upholstered in a variety of colors to match your Hill Treatment table and office decor. Our stools features a professional standard design and pneumatic (gas-powered) adjustable height controlled by a lever.
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  • 151 Gas-powered Stool with back


    Exam StoolHill Exam Stools can be upholstered in a variety of colors to match your Hill Treatment table and office decor. Our stools features a professional standard design and pneumatic (gas-powered) adjustable height controlled by a lever.
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Hill Anatomotor Traction Massage Table

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