Hill IFC™
Interferential Unit

Four Channel Multi-Waveform Electro-Therapy Unit

The Hill IFC is a state-of-the-art interferential therapy device cleared by the FDA for mult-waveform, multiple channel use. Both outputs can be programmed to Start/Stop independently. The clinician can provide two different treatments simultaneously through the two outputs. The Hill IFC features easy-to-use, precise controls and a durable, professional design. Hill IFC also features a compact footprint and a sturdy but lightweight construction for easy transport around the clinic.

Hill IFC is a microcomputer controlled digital device featuring selectable modes:

  • Interferential, with 5 preset programs P01-P05 (as Acute pain, Chronic pain, Edema 1, Edema 2 & Nerve Block)
  • Premod
  • Russian
  • Galvanic (D.C. and Interrupted)
  • TENS (Conventional, Burst, and Modulation)

Hill IFC Includes:

  • Electro-Therapy Unit
  • Stimulation Wires
  • 5 Packs of Hill Electrodes (2” x 2” square)


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Additional Therapy Add-Ons

  • Rolling Cart

  • Deluxe Rolling Cart w/Metal Basket


    This unit can be plugged into the HF54 Ultrasound Generator only.

  • Dual Sided Electrodes 2" x 2" Square (4)


    Adhesive on both sides, for twice the use at 1/2 the cost. Clear, for dual treatment—light therapy with muscle stimulation

  • IFC03CS 6' Muscle Stim Wire Substitute


    Upgraded 4 Lead, 5 Pin Muscle Stimulation Wires substituted for stand wires

  • IFC03 6' Muscle Stim Wires


    Upgraded 4 Lead, 5 Pin Muscle Stimulation Wires

  • 48" x 2" Velcro Strap. Buy online


    For more secure positioning of the applicator when needed.

  • New Clear Dual-Sided Electrodes Dual Electrode Link
Electro-Light Infrared with Applicator

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Hill IFC™
Interferential Unit

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